How does it work?

What happens inside?

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5 stages of air purification


  1. Each Airocide product has a fan that draws the air containing organic pathogens, allergens, mold spores, smoke and VOCs from your environment into the unit.

  2. The air is slowly pushed across hollow glass tubes inside the reaction chamber. These tubes are coated with a material called titanium dioxide.


  3. These tubes are irradiated with a special UV light acting as a catalyst, ultra-reactive hydroxyl radicals are formed.


  4. As aerosolized compounds come into contact with the hydroxyl radicals, the compounds immediately break apart at a molecular level. Hydroxyl radicals literally tear the compounds apart through oxidation. This process destroys even the smallest contaminants, like a virus. The process is safe, effective and has no harmful by-products.


  5. End result: clean and pure air.

Down-to-Earth Technology


This technology developed for NASA in the 1990s, is still deployed on the International Space Station. Fortunately, Airocide units bring this technology down to Earth. Airocide has proven itself to be the most efficient and safest air purification technology known to mankind.

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What can Airocide do that traditional filters can’t?

Filters don’t extract all pathogens from the air because the smallest particles can pass right through even the finest filters. In fact, HEPA filters and UV lights are 1940s technologies. Airocide’s filterless air purification technology brought disruptive change to air purification. Airocide technology eliminates allergens and aerosolized biohazards.

Why can’t HEPA filters extract small sized particles?

Think about a screen door. Large particles are prevented from passing through it while tiny particles waft through unaffected. Filters work the same way. They are ineffective against smaller particles. HEPA filters don’t destroy anything; they merely trap contaminants for later disposal. The result is that smaller contaminants like viruses and VOCs get past them.

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Airocide is Completely Safe and Requires Little Maintenance. Why?

Airocide is completely safe and it doesn’t produce ozone. While filters are dirty, use a lot of power and have to be changed every couple of months, Airocide is clean, uses very little power and requires minimal maintenance. The reaction chambers need to be changed once a year in a process that takes only thirty seconds. Many customers say it is easier than changing a printer cartridge. Watch our video about changing the reaction chambers.

It destroys VOC gases which HEPA filters don’t.

Airocide annihilates airborne pathogens getting rid of them completely. More importantly, it eliminates the contaminants that we can’t see and HEPA filters can’t extract. Most of those contaminants are aerosolized Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). The EPA says that 188 VOCs are hazardous air pollutants. Slight elevations in the levels of these pollutants have produced health issues for allergy suffers, asthma suffers, young children, the elderly and pregnant women.

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How is the Airocide APS-200 PM 2.5 different from other Airocide units? See the process here

Consumer and industrial solutions.
Same technology, different performance.

What is the difference between Airocide’s two product lines? The most prominent difference is the design. Industrial products are designed for higher capacity and commercial applications. Home units feature an attractive design while running at a lower capacity. Don’t be fooled by the terms “consumer unit” or “home unit” as this technology is suitable in offices, conference rooms, reception areas and medical applications.

Consumer line

Refined workmanship for small places.

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 Commercial line

Air purification with the highest efficiency.

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