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Airocide PPTTM Perishables Preservation Technology

Airocide PPTTM photocatalytic air purifiers contain the same NASA-developed technology that is used in a variety of Airocide product lines. In addition to serving the food safety industry as well as in floral and perishable preservation Airocide technology has been developed to kill/remove/eliminate airborne pathogenic and non-pathogenic microorganisms in vegetative and spore states (bacteria, mold, fungi, viruses and dust mites), allergens, odors and harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in air in a variety of commercial, government and residential market applications including the medical healthcare industry (Airocide is listed as an FDA Class II Medical Device).



Clinical tests were conducted at the Del Monte Fresh Produce Company’s Atlanta distribution facility to measure the effect of Airocide PPT in reducing Ethylene gas and airborne mold/fungi.

Ethylene Gas and Mold Concentration – Results

Ethylene gas was reduced in the cooler by 99.8% from a concentration of 350 parts per million (PPM) to 0.5 PPM in 66 hours.
The Airocide PPT system reduced the amount of airborne mold in the cooler by an overall 44% after 72 hours of operation.

Wondering how could Airocide improve the air quality in your company?

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