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Airocide air purifier: revolutionary, efficient, elegant

The intersection of elegance and the space age, the Airocide air purifier is more than high technology. It’s a work of art. Airocide’s stylish design, quiet and efficient operation will complement any interior.

3 properties that make Airocide unique

1. Refinement

The beautiful grill made from anodized aluminium is formed, punched and polished using an eleven-step process with nine tools. The result is a lightweight yet strong grill held in place by magnetic latches. A stylish and decorative wood grain casing complements any décor or modern office.

Airocide design részlet
Airocide üzemmódok

2. Simple Operation


The Airocide air purifier has three settings: low, high and automatic. The automatic setting uses a built-in light sensor adjust that will adjust to the low setting when the room darkens and back to high when the room brightens.



Low – for use in environments where quieter operation is preferred.
High – the recommended setting for optimal results. Airocide is most effective in this mode.
Auto – This mode operates using a light sensor and automatically shifts to a quieter setting at night; Airocide runs on high when the appropriate amount of ambient light in the room (usually during the day) is present and automatically adjusts to low when light is no longer present (usually at night).

3. Photocatalytic Air Purification Technology


The power of an Airocide does not come from a filter or UV light. Airocide harnesses the natural process of photocatalytic oxidation to destroy airborne pathogens at a cellular level.

Airocide szűrőmentes légtisztítási technológia

Airocide Cleans the Air 24/7


Air is constantly moving and constantly getting dirty. That is why Airocide is built to run 24/7, to protect you. If you want to see a difference in the way you feel, use Airocide in your living and work spaces. Let Airocide do the rest.

Don’t let the term “home” confuse you: these devices are perfectly suitable for offices, conference rooms, receptions areas, break rooms, kitchens and classrooms.

What can Airocide do for you?

Airocide üzemmódok

It eliminates 100% of VOCs.

It eliminates contaminants such as mold, pollen, bacteria and dust mites which are responsible for upper respiratory allergies.

Airocide szűrőmentes légtisztítási technológia
Airocide üzemmódok

It protects your family from airborne pathogens.

​It helps you sleep better and feel better than before.

Airocide szűrőmentes légtisztítási technológia

Clean environment. Feel better.

Airocide units for homes and small businesses.

Airocide APS-200 PM 2.5

Airocide APS-300


Airocide APS-1000

Airocide Info

How does it work? 


NASA and Airocide

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