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It is important to know the following:


  1. The Airocide consumer/office/home and professional/commercial lines use the same revolutionary technology.
  2. There are, however, significant differences in terms of design, performance, installation and price. Thus, the purchase process is different as well.

Units for home/office/medical office

• With an award-winning design these units blend in as much as they stand out.
• They work best in smaller rooms of homes and typical offices.
• These units can be purchased via the webshop.
• We offer free shipping in the continuous United States with a delivery time of 3-7 days if the product is in stock given the unprecedented demand.
• Installation requires just five minutes.
• No maintenance is required aside from the annual replacement of the reaction chambers.

Airocide design részlet
Airocide üzemmódok

Professional/Commercial Units

•The higher performance makes them suitable for industrial, hospitality, healthcare and institutional use.
• We recommend an email or phone consultation about the dimensions of the space and the placement of the unit.
• Installation is straightforward and a reasonably handy individual can do it without much difficulty.
• Larger orders receive preferential pricing.

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