A peerless air purifier

Effective air purification for your home and office

A NASA developed technology that delivers clean and pure air 24/7


Deliver what matters.

A healthy environment.

Harnessing a natural process that happens around us, Airocide air purifiers deliver the power of mother nature. Its operation may be invisible but the results are indisputable. Elegant, quiet and easy to use, Airocide blends into any environment.

This next generation air purification device eliminates airborne pathogens including: bacteria, viruses, pollen, mold, yeast, allergens, VOCs and odors.

It simply cleans the air without any harmful emissions.

Airocide partnerek logói

Effective protection. Every day.

Airocide annihilates aerosolized contaminants and disease agents. The end result: clean, fresh air, restful sleep and a healthier environment.

Mold spores

Mold spores can trigger not only allergy symptoms but also other serious adverse health effects. Airocide removes mold spores from the air so that you can enjoy the safety of your home without allergy flare-ups.


Viruses are pathogens. They are responsible for a number of illnesses including cold. They easily spread by coughing and sneezing. Airocide rids the air of viruses reducing the chance of viral diseases.


Bacteria are known for causing illnesses and responsible for the perishability of products. Due to their small size they are invisible to the naked eye, still they are everywhere. Airocide rids the air of bacteria also and guarantees a safe and healthy environment.


VOCs are harmful gases emitted by objects inside our home. These gases escape to the air from paints, aerosol sprays and cleaning agents. They can cause various health issues not to mention their unpleasant smell. Airocide rids the air of VOCs and decontaminates the air form the harmful particulates.

PM 2.5

PM 2.5 has been featured primarily in the news lately. It gest into the air by burning and heating but transport means emit such harmful substances, too. PM 2.5 is a mixture of tiny dust particulates and gases. Its presence can be linked to several chronic illnesses. The air purification technology of the APS-200 can remove any PM 2.5 pollutants.

0.3 micron

is the size limit of what a common filter will capture.

0.2 micron

is the size of many bacteria, mold spores and viruses.

0.1 micron

 is the size of many VOCs.

size matters

Filter technology works against larger airborne particles but is ineffective against most invisible airborne contaminants.

NASA technology in your home

It’s simple. It’s modern. It’s eye catching.

Learn how space technology landed in your living room.


The Airocide has changed my life.

If I saw someone that I knew that was suffering from even a fraction of the allergies that I suffer from I would definitely recommend Airocide. I think it is worth its weight in gold.


We love Airocide.

Since we put Airocide in our home we have had no allergy flare-ups, we sleep great and we feel great. Go ahead and try it, you have nothing to lose.


For severe bronchitis sufferers

Airocide has proven to be an effective product to me much better than any of the products that I’ve ever used before. I absolutely recommend the Airocide device.


Protecting premature babies

When we took him home we still had to be cautious of things. Since we have Airocide we feel so much more secure. We absolutely love Airocide.

Mary Ann

Lifelong Allergy Sufferer

I’m happier and healthier. I feel more energized to start the day.

Brad Warner


Since I’ve installed the Airocide units and been running them 24 hours a day 7 days a week year-round I have no black mold issues in the grow room.


I finally sleep well at night.

I can’t imagine finding anything that works better than this. I really believe the Airocide made my life better.


Asthmatic son

The Airocide really does what it says it’s going to do: I turned it on and it’s been helping ever since. My son now can paly without coughing and I don’t have to worry about when he is going to feel unwell.



Normally, I take about 3-4 allergy pills per week. But now I’ve only had to take one every six weeks.


My son can life a healthier life.

I would do everything in my power to make sure that I create an environment for him that is healthy and where he can thrive. What the Airocide is doing is outstanding. It absolutely convinced me.



The Airocide made a huge difference. I actually haven’t had to use allergy pills since we got it. We would definitely not want to experience life without Airocide now.


Uninterrupted sleep

I put the Airocide in my room and I felt as if the air was cleaner. And all of a sudden I wasn’t waking up sneezing and I was sleeping through the night.


Now symptom free

I know that the Airocide is working because I am no longer suffering from allergies and I no longer have asthma symptoms.


Airocide pays for itself.

When I started using the Airocide purifier I was incredibly astonished. It’s a one-time investment and that’s it. I just can’t say enough, I really like it.

Professional Solutions


Innovative Class II medical device which cleans and sanitizes. It provides protection against viruses and bacterial infections for hospitals, doctor’s offices and waiting rooms.


Chemical-free solution for mold. Airocide’s cutting edge technology destroys mold spores at a cellular level, stopping the spread of mold.

Food Processing

Airocide drastically reduces bacteria levels enhancing the food-safety standards at food processing and packaging plants.

Gyms and Fitness Centers

Pathogen-free and odorless = a healthy environment


Bedrooms and Guest Rooms

Sleep safe and sound with air that is free of germs and free of allergens.

Hospitality, Country Clubs and Condominiums

Biohazard hotspots are bountiful in hospitality settings. Control the risk and deliver confidence.

Large Commercial Venues

Lots of people = lots of biohazard risks. Annihilate aerosolized pathogens with Airocide.

Doctor's Offices

Maintaining the hygiene of the doctor’s offices, dental offices and receptions is a daily challenge since many people visit these places every day.

Nowadays, enhanced sterilization is particularly important because of the spread of COVID-19.

What is the best solution for your company?

Our experts will assist you. Contact us now!

Product recommendations

Health and Safety.

For smaller spaces, offices, conference rooms and waiting areas

Elegant, quiet and effective


Airocide APS-200 PM 2.5

For commercial and healthcare applications

This unit is suitable for larger areas, reception rooms, dining areas, storage areas, fitness centers, locker rooms, event spaces, salons, spas, veterinary clinics, tasting rooms and lobbies.

Airocide GCS-50

Which model suits my needs?

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NASA and Airocide

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